How to Apply

    Application Kit

    The following resources are available to assist you through the grant application process.  If you have any further questions please call the Connecting Somerset Team on: 01823 287632.

    Welcome to Connecting Somerset

    Provides an outline of what the project is about and how it could help you.

    Application Form

    The application form itself.

    Fast Track Broadband Only Application Form

    The application form for people who just want Broadband.

    Financial Details

    Before we can issue your grant payment, we will need this
    simple information about your business. However, send in your application form first.

    Training course details

        Training Course Details

    Information about what training is required and courses that are available.

    Questions and Answers

    This covers areas like: ‘Which companies are eligible’, ‘How the project can help’ and ‘How to get this done’.

    Contact Us : 0845 130 1595 | [email protected]