What is Broadband?

    What is Broadband?

    Broadband is a high-speed internet connection that is always on and works at least 10 times faster than a standard dialup connection.

    What will this do for my day-to-day business?

    • Better communications with suppliers and clients
    • Faster online ordering – keep stock levels low
    • Constant links to offices and branches in other locations
    • Faster web browsing
    • Easier online learning – faster visual materials
    • Fixed monthly fee for easier budgeting
    • No more dial-up delays
    • Phone lines stay open for customer calls even when you are on the internet
    • Staff can work more efficiently from home 

    And in the medium term?

    • Improve your competitive edge
    • Improve your customer service
    • Improve your response times
    • Use your existing hardware and software
    • Create and safeguard employment
    • Attract skilled employees

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